About Yur

Yur is practical, straightforward and solution-oriented. We act vigorously! But always with a warm heart. We’ve shown year-on-year growth since our incorporation in the mid 1990s, in terms of size, knowledge and skills. Like any other entrepreneur, we aim to improve ourselves every day and we understand that this is a continuous process. What can we do to help you even better? That question runs in our DNA: every entrepreneur can contact us for a total package of legal services. That’s what it’s about.

We like to build strong, permanent relationships. So, you get all the attention from our experienced hands, our young dogs and everyone in between. We are in the starting blocks and your wish is our command. Day in, day out. We are experts and bring bags of experience. More importantly, we ensure that you fully understand everything we say and every step we take. We do not use complex organisational and legal language in our communications with you. We understand that there is a place and time for using jargon.

Fast. Focused. Together. Strong.

That's business as usual in our office.


Thanks to short lines of communication and smart mutual consultation, we provide good answers to questions and respond quickly to phone calls and emails. You will receive surprisingly fast responses and our help will instantly provide you with better insight into the issue.


We are focused on content and process. We keep an eye on everything. We aim for a top result. We clearly state in advance what we expect to achieve. We also state what is impossible. We tell it as it is.


Working together makes us better. We hold daily internal meetings during which we discuss what we do and what bottlenecks we have encountered. That approach is highly effective. We also work together with you. By trusting each other and putting our cards on the table, the best solutions start to emerge.


Your problems are our problems. Our shoulders are strong enough. Our strength lies in our experience and the art of looking at the bigger picture. This way, we can often avoid going to court. That’s another, strong view of the case.


Tomorrow’s world is full of possibilities as well as threats, but still offers plenty of opportunities. Full of inspiration and innovation. Everything around us changes, it’s the way of things. And the legal profession is changing with it. In our view, legal services are increasingly becoming a matter of thinking ahead and preventing lawsuits.

As our client, you can expect us to go the extra mile to defend you. However, we will try to avoid going to court, where possible. Identifying, advising and working together are key to this. Together, we can see, know and do more.

One of the most modern legal offices…

Our ambition? To be one of the most modern legal offices in the region. To achieve this, we have worked hard in recent years to make our operations as lean as possible. Colleagues solve matters themselves and together, people have more say in the course of affairs at our office and we often work digitally. Furthermore, every morning, we hold work meetings during which we discuss what we plan to do that day and what bottlenecks we have encountered. Working together more, learning from each other and helping each other. All this stimulates the growth of our office. In addition, we make a clear distinction between standard work and customised work. So, our lawyers and advisers can now reserve even more time for you as our client. This is how Yur acts as your sparring partner. Now and in the future.

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