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As a no-nonsense Rotterdam law firm, we take our clients and ourselves seriously. This means that we only do what we are good at and passionate about. After all, knowledge is power. And that certainly applies in the legal world. At Yur, we know what we are talking about. We specialize in nine areas of law.


Lawyers who will help you navigate the maze of laws and regulations: you will find them at Yur.

Everyone will help you on your way, but we all have our own area of specific expertise. Expertise in which we are simply insanely good.

Our professionals are prepared to go to help you with anything that an entrepreneur may have to deal with. And the great thing is: we all work together. We use our individual knowledge to perfection, whilst assuring you of expert advice from the lawyers at our office.

Corporate law
Tenancy law
Contract law
Mergers and acquisitions
Intellectual property and IT law
Insolvency Law
Labour law
Real estate law
Construction law


Matters encountered by an entrepreneur are often affairs for which a lawyer is not the first person you immediately think of consulting for advice. However, a legal perspective often yields more than you might expect.

For example, all the know-how needed to implement that new structure for your organisation or proven business models after an expansion or a reorganisation, or indeed the development of smart procedures and flexible work processes. Such matters obviously involve issues relating to financial affairs and human resources. These are all matters for which you might not immediately think of a lawyer, but for which the assistance and advice of a lawyer can be extremely useful.

Why Yur?

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Early identification of any problems
Targeted solutions
Large network of professionals
Extensive experience in SMEs
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“When an entrepreneur gets into trouble, we do everything we can to prevent going to court. But if there’s no other way, we’ll fight your case shoulder to shoulder.”
Jeroen Schras