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About Yur
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Entrepreneurs faced with a legal challenge, who want to have an important contract assessed, who are involved in a takeover process or who may need to go to court, obviously only want one thing: professionals who understand what’s going on, who only need half a word and who provide top-level legal services, in plain language. That’s us in a nutshell. That’s what you come to Yur for.

And the sooner you come to us, the better. We are the type of lawyer you can count on in your hour of need. But we don’t just take action when it’s ‘nearly too late’. We like to be involved a few steps earlier, so that we can respond in time, anticipate problems and avoid any escalation. This way, we might prevent the need to go to court in the first place. That’s how Yur works. Fast, focused, together and strong. Day in, day out.

About YUR


Lawyers who will help you navigate the maze of laws and regulations: you will find them at Yur. Everyone here has their own specialist area. Fields of law in which they are simply insanely good.

Our professionals are raring to go to help you with anything that you as an entrepreneur may have to deal with. The great thing is: we all truly work together. We use our individual knowledge to perfection, whilst assuring you of expert advice from the entire office.

Corporate law
Tenancy law
Contract law
Mergers and acquisitions
Intellectual property and IT law
Insolvency Law
Labour law
Real estate law
Construction law


Matters encountered by an entrepreneur are by no means always purely legal issues. For example, things like the best structure for an organisation or the development of smart procedures and flexible work processes, or indeed issues relating to reorganisations, financial affairs and human resources.

These are all matters for which you might not initially call on a lawyer, but for which their assistance and advice as a lawyer can be extremely useful. This allows you to put things in a bigger perspective and often prevent any legal problems.

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