Intellectual property and IT law


Every company or organisation has to deal with intellectual property rights. There are many types of intellectual property rights, such as trademark rights, trade name rights, design rights, database rights and copyrights. Intellectual property rights and know-how are often of enormous importance to a company and are often of great value. After all, if someone else makes off with your creation or brand name, it will lead to a lot of damage. Legal protection of these rights and enforcement of these rights are therefore crucial.

Besides intellectual property, it is also crucial for a company to think strategically about the legal aspects of IT.
Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. Applications are invented and developed and the law always has to respond to them. IT and law are therefore constantly influencing each other

What YUR does

Yur advises entrepreneurs on the proper protection of intellectual property rights, the exploitation of those rights and also their transfer. This falls under intellectual property and IT law. Yur is a strategic partner and thinks along about the working processes within the company and the intellectual property rights that arise in the process and can be protected. Furthermore, Yur advises and litigates on the enforcement of those rights when they are infringed. But you yourself may also be sued by another entrepreneur who claims that you are infringing his intellectual property rights. In that case too, Yur can advise and assist you in proceedings.

Yur also advises the entrepreneur on the successful completion of an IT project. This includes providing strategic advice and drafting software licences, agreements on software development and the use of cloud services. Furthermore, Yur also advises on the application of privacy legislation. And if it comes to court proceedings, Yur will of course assist you in these as well.

Tip from YUR

“Is another company using your brand name and logo? If so, get Yur to advise you quickly on how to stop it. The longer this goes on, the more damage will be suffered. Want to know more about Intellectual property and IT law? Feel free to contact us.

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