mr. J.C. (John) Brökling

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John deals almost exclusively with employment law matters. He advises numerous institutions, organizations and works councils and supervises reorganizations and acquisitions.


  • Member of the Association of Employment Law Lawyers Netherlands (VAAN);
  • Member of the Rotterdam Association of Employment Law Lawyers (VRAA).


Lawyer John Brökling studied Dutch law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After this law degree, John also completed the Grotius specialization course in Employment Law. He was sworn in as a lawyer in Rotterdam in January 1991. On January 1, 1995, together with partner Rob Baumgardt, John founded Baumgardt & Brökling Lawyers. Since its establishment, the law firm has been a success and has grown into today’s Yur Advocaten.

mr. J.C. (John) Brökling


The Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister)

Area of law according to the Bar Association: Labour law (arbeidsrecht)

These specialties are also registered in the register of areas of law of the Dutch Bar Association pursuant to article 35a of the Regulation on the Legal Profession. This registration obliges me to obtain ten training points in each registered area of law each calendar year according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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